Abandoned, My Story

Okay, I’m going to begin with my story now, this will be long and I don’t know if I’ll get it done in one sitting.
I’m thinking later I can copy it from the blog here to a story page and if anyone has an experience they’d like to share they can put it in the comments below and I can copy it over to the page as well.

I’m in my mid-40’s, suffered with anxieties and depression nearly my whole life, but starting young I buried the problems inside me, put the fake smile on my face, and plowed my way through life. A couple of years ago was a breaking point for me, I no longer had the stamina and strength of youth so dealing with my mental health and the stress of a high position at work was no longer viable. I left my position of over twenty years.

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Why Report Your Therapist?

Good question as most likely already been harmed, (presuming why you are here at this point), reporting will not undue the damage already done. And reporting out of spite or vindictiveness are not healthy reasons.

Also, it can be time consuming, and troublesome for some of us as we now are expected to share some of our private thoughts, fears, and feelings with an anonymous government board, possibly causing more exposure to our trauma then we might be comfortable with. If this is you then you might not want to file the complaint, or maybe wait a little while to see what decision your heart and mind settle on.

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Site Purpose

For starters I was very recently traumatized by my therapist, the very person I trusted to help me. But although I will tell my story, this site will not be about my experience alone.

When searching the internet regarding abusive therapists and bad terminations I found there is very little information published on these issues. Most articles tend to support the therapists and dismiss the complaints of the people hurt. I’m going to try to address that here and provide information and links to each state’s licensing board so we can contact them and report when we have been abused or neglected, or abandoned by our therapists.

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