It is unknown if Ms Twig’s actions in this event were maliciously intentional or just gross negligent malpractice. Either way she displayed no tact and zero compassion. She could have tactfully approached the subject of ethics and boundaries in that extra session. In that last session she could have said “I’ve been thinking about the last few sessions and I have some concerns we should discuss” or many other tactful and less hurtful ways to handle it. Instead she let me have both barrels at point blank range. And she must be incredibly thin-skinned to escalate a simple argument over friendship to therapeutic abandonment. Upon research I find that therapist are supposed to deal with strong emotions like hate, anger, rage, arguments, or disagreements. IT IS THEIR JOB! It is why they are there, and these emotions are part of PTSD so they should be expected. And I only gave her a simple argument, no strong emotions. Do a job for 14 months while it’s easy, but the moment we hit a little turbulence it’s all over, see you later sucker? Really?

It’s been suggested to me that Ms Twig might be going through some mental health issues of her own, and I do consider this as it would explain the sudden change between the last two sessions and the total lack of caring and compassion. If this is the case I feel for her as I know it’s tough and I will pray for her healing. But why did I become the subject of abuse if mental health is the issue? Or is it just me, maybe other clients received the same treatment?

We’re reaching the wrap-up here, at some point there will be a part two to this as there is more to the story as Ms Twig continued to twist the knife wherever she could post-event, but the above does cover the primary story of the abandonment and betrayal.

I feel this story is testament to the great damage that was done to me, as mentioned above I do not normally talk about myself, let alone post personal feelings and experiences to the internet. But I feel compelled to try to salvage some positive out of this mess by creating this site to offer support and tools to those whom also were hurt by their therapists and to stand as a warning to those considering psychotherapy of any kind. As mentioned in the “Site Purpose” blog, I am not recommending you don’t go to therapy, some do gain from it, but just that if you do choose to, guard your heart as this is a very callous field and the people in it do not deserve our utmost trust.

If you stuck with me this far thanks a lot for reading! I’m not a professional author and I know I repeated some of my points, but I felt them important enough to reiterate. I know it’s not the most stimulating subject, but hope it helps someone. Feel free to leave comments if you wish, I read them all. Post your own personal stories as well if you’d like.
Thank you and God Bless!