1) Guy’s Story: Abandonment/Bad Termination

Okay, I’m going to begin with my story now, this will be long and I don’t know if I’ll get it done in one sitting.

I’m in my mid-40’s, suffered with anxieties and depression nearly my whole life, but starting young I buried the problems inside me, put the fake smile on my face, and plowed my way through life. A couple of years ago was a breaking point for me, I no longer had the stamina and strength of youth so dealing with my mental health and the stress of a high position at work was no longer viable. I left my position of over twenty years.

Still in denial though I thought a change in employment would be the answer so I got a job with a government agency. I was excited for this position, but one week into the job I realized I wasn’t able to do it mentally so I left.

At this point I finally came to realize I needed some help, between physical pain and mental suffering I could not work a job, be around people, saw nothing good in my future. I talked to my GP about it and he referred me to a local mental health clinic.

There a prescriber worked with me on a prescription regiment that did help some. She suggested that I see a therapist and that could be done in-house at the same clinic. At first I resisted the idea as I did have preconceived ideas about therapy and the associated Freudian psychobabble. (Freud was a perverted old drug user that based his theories on a handful of sexually neurotic women that were his clients. But I digress, that’s a conversation for another day.)

My prescriber again gently brought up the idea of seeing a therapist as I continued with follow ups with her. I began to give the idea some real thought, I was there to seek help and it wouldn’t hurt to try and see what it’s all about. If I didn’t like it or the therapist got all Freudian on me I could always drop it. So I agreed and my prescriber set me up with an appointment with a therapist. For the sake of this story I will refer to this therapist as “Ms Twig”, not her real name obviously.