Happy New Year! 2022

Hello all, it’s been a while. I hope the new year find you well.

I’ve run across a forum (hat tip to The Client’s Side) on Reddit for therapy abuse.
While not a big fan of Reddit and the format the stories are there and need to be heard:


April 2nd Status

Hey everyone! Happy April! I haven’t done a lot here lately, but I have added some great links to the link page including one to a forum that I came across and do recommend, The Client Side, it deals with therapy reality and bad therapy. I wished I came across this forum before I ever started therapy, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

Also, I just posted some thoughts I had regarding Personal Health Information and I feel they are worth repeating here so I will follow this post with another containing that writing.

Thanks as always for reading!


“Our Stories” Page Published

Okay, I’ve got the system I’m using for sharing stories in place and I’m pretty sure the bugs are worked out.
Right now I got my story there and a few from the web. I’ll post more later and hopefully your story if you feel compelled to share it. You can access the page via the link at the top in the menu and I’ll also link it below.
Thanks as always for reading!

Our Stories

Site Upgrades

Hey all, it was cold and rainy out today so I figured it’d be a good time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and how the editor interface functions. I have a good sized headache now, but also a fair understanding of what I am now doing.

Tweaked the site a little and changed to a theme that’s more customizable then the one I had, I think it looks pretty good now. Not looking for anything flashy, just functional and easy to use for everyone. I have the Stories page ready to publish, just need some submissions at this point.

I also found that WordPress also has reasonable prices on domain registration so I went ahead and registered hurtbytherapy.com so now it’ll take you to this site and that’ll make it easier to share and hopefully find.

That’s it for now, thanks as always for stopping by!


Just Saying Hi

You may have noticed that I posted my story, I did not get that long essay done in one sitting, it took several hours over two days. And as I mentioned in it, there will be a part two regarding the aftermath. But I got the main story out, and now I’ll take a break, writing all of that took a lot of energy, plus stirred up some emotions as I relived that mess.

I do hope this site gives victims a place to tell their stories and maybe in doing so get some of the pressure off their shoulders. I’ve done a LOT of online research since this happened in regards to bad therapists and bad terminations and mostly I found articles that were giving aid and comfort to the therapist and excusing a lot of their bad behaviors.

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