You may have noticed that I posted my story, I did not get that long essay done in one sitting, it took several hours over two days. And as I mentioned in it, there will be a part two regarding the aftermath. But I got the main story out, and now I’ll take a break, writing all of that took a lot of energy, plus stirred up some emotions as I relived that mess.

I do hope this site gives victims a place to tell their stories and maybe in doing so get some of the pressure off their shoulders. I’ve done a LOT of online research since this happened in regards to bad therapists and bad terminations and mostly I found articles that were giving aid and comfort to the therapist and excusing a lot of their bad behaviors.

Where I find the real stories is in the comment section of those articles, many, many people hurting over the damage that was done to them and commenting on those articles was the only place to go for some expression and release. That plus my experience is what inspired me to create this site/blog.

I discovered yesterday that you can read and write reviews about your therapist at Yelp:
I’ll post that in the link section also and I encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity and write a review about your therapist(s) past and present. Not just the bad, but the good as well as good reviews vs bad reviews will help others avoid bad therapists and hopefully find a good one. (If such an animal exists, I cynically comment.)

Well, that’s it for now, thanks as always for reading! And if you feel inclined please share this site around to help me reach others.


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