Good question as most likely already been harmed, (presuming why you are here at this point), reporting will not undue the damage already done. And reporting out of spite or vindictiveness are not healthy reasons.

Also, it can be time consuming, and troublesome for some of us as we now are expected to share some of our private thoughts, fears, and feelings with an anonymous government board, possibly causing more exposure to our trauma then we might be comfortable with. If this is you then you might not want to file the complaint, or maybe wait a little while to see what decision your heart and mind settle on.

What I’m looking at is more of an altruistic reason, if we can remove bad therapists from the pool, or at least make them rethink they way they handle people, then we save others from the harm that was done to us. I feel it is important to help others, especially others in our situations that do not have the strength to right a wrong or avoid the hurt. (Myself included in the latter, I did not see what was coming and as a sufferer of PTSD it affected me greatly and created additional trauma caused by the very therapist that was supposed to be helping me.)

So this is one of those moments where individually we may not have a strong voice, especially since we start out with the handicap of our word, that of someone having mental health issues, versus a qualified and trained “professional” who is the primary and often sole source of documentation, but together when a state board gets enough complaints about an abusive therapist they will look into the problem and possibly take action.

Thanks for reading more to come soon!


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