For starters I was very recently traumatized by my therapist, the very person I trusted to help me. But although I will tell my story, this site will not be about my experience alone.

When searching the internet regarding abusive therapists and bad terminations I found there is very little information published on these issues. Most articles tend to support the therapists and dismiss the complaints of the people hurt. I’m going to try to address that here and provide information and links to each state’s licensing board so we can contact them and report when we have been abused or neglected, or abandoned by our therapists.

You see, the action of filing a complaint with the office that issues the therapists license to practice is the single greatest power we, as clients, have! And we must use it. If a provider has enough valid complaints against him/her then the licensing board will review whether or not the therapists keeps his/her license or whether or not it gets renewed.

To be clear, only file a complaint if you have been violated, abused, abandoned, or any other type of therapeutic malpractice. Things like personality conflicts, disagreements, billing issues, etc. are generally NOT areas you’d file a complaint over.

I’m just getting started here, I’ll add more soon. I’ll tell some of my story, share some other stories from around the web, encourage you to tell your story, and build a database of solid and helpful information in regards to your therapeutic relation.

Full disclosure: my originally positive experience with therapy went so sour that I feel I can no longer in good conscience recommend psychotherapy as a valid mental health and healing tool, but I am not recommending that you avoid therapy. Many go to therapy and have good results and are very happy with their therapists and I’m glad for them. But my experience hurt me so deeply I cannot allow myself to be put in that position again. Bottom line, see your therapist if you feel you need to, have the best possible outcome with him/her, but guard your heart, this is a very callous field.


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  1. I don’t believe therapy works for everyone nor is it always necessary. After a few attempts with bad outcomes, I stopped trying and found I was able to better heal on my own. I had one therapist only interested in placing me in some pre-designated box; another who outright belittled me, and yet another who instigated arguments. No thank you! I get enough of that in the real world. Hugs to you!

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