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In blogs and book reviews, I see reference by therapy professionals to the “disgruntled ex-client.”  I assume this label is pejorative and the classification perhaps is to warn therapists to create a strong filter when one hovers nearby.

So here’s my warning label: I’m a disgruntled ex-client.  My therapy mostly was harmful.   Before I’m tuned out, I hope some therapists may consider listening as I speak my piece, so they might find fewer like me at large.

I entered therapy hoping to broaden my social life and to confirm my suspicion that my typical family—wasn’t.  I never was in crisis.  My past persona was far too obliging and obeisant to authority, but not unlike a significant population percentage.  Pre-therapy I had friends, a job, occasional dates and was reasonably cheerful.  My total tally in treatment (I hate that word) was just under three years with different clinicians in different formats.

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“Our Stories” Page Published

Okay, I’ve got the system I’m using for sharing stories in place and I’m pretty sure the bugs are worked out.
Right now I got my story there and a few from the web. I’ll post more later and hopefully your story if you feel compelled to share it. You can access the page via the link at the top in the menu and I’ll also link it below.
Thanks as always for reading!

Our Stories

Site Upgrades

Hey all, it was cold and rainy out today so I figured it’d be a good time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and how the editor interface functions. I have a good sized headache now, but also a fair understanding of what I am now doing.

Tweaked the site a little and changed to a theme that’s more customizable then the one I had, I think it looks pretty good now. Not looking for anything flashy, just functional and easy to use for everyone. I have the Stories page ready to publish, just need some submissions at this point.

I also found that WordPress also has reasonable prices on domain registration so I went ahead and registered so now it’ll take you to this site and that’ll make it easier to share and hopefully find.

That’s it for now, thanks as always for stopping by!


Just Saying Hi

You may have noticed that I posted my story, I did not get that long essay done in one sitting, it took several hours over two days. And as I mentioned in it, there will be a part two regarding the aftermath. But I got the main story out, and now I’ll take a break, writing all of that took a lot of energy, plus stirred up some emotions as I relived that mess.

I do hope this site gives victims a place to tell their stories and maybe in doing so get some of the pressure off their shoulders. I’ve done a LOT of online research since this happened in regards to bad therapists and bad terminations and mostly I found articles that were giving aid and comfort to the therapist and excusing a lot of their bad behaviors.

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Abandoned, My Story

Okay, I’m going to begin with my story now, this will be long and I don’t know if I’ll get it done in one sitting.
I’m thinking later I can copy it from the blog here to a story page and if anyone has an experience they’d like to share they can put it in the comments below and I can copy it over to the page as well.

I’m in my mid-40’s, suffered with anxieties and depression nearly my whole life, but starting young I buried the problems inside me, put the fake smile on my face, and plowed my way through life. A couple of years ago was a breaking point for me, I no longer had the stamina and strength of youth so dealing with my mental health and the stress of a high position at work was no longer viable. I left my position of over twenty years.

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Empath and PTSD

Okay, for the most part I have this site set up for use and getting close to telling my story and hopefully encourage others to as well.

But as many that may understand the hurt and pain I went through in my story, many will not if they do not understand empathy and PTSD. The people that think we should “tough it up” and “get over it”. They don’t understand being hyper-sensitive and having a brain wired to NEVER forget trauma and the situation(s) related to it. People with this mindset will likely not understand the level of distraught brought upon me by my abusive therapist.

So, in this post I’ll link to a couple of articles that hopefully some will gain some insight as to what it’s like to be an empath and to understand PTSD.

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Report Tools Available

Today’s post will be short, I’ve just spent a good deal of time researching each state’s psychology board and have compiled a list of the complaint areas of their sites. It’s now published towards the top of this blog as “Tools: Report a Therapist”

There’s one or two states I didn’t get as their sites were lacking or convoluted. I’ll try again later when my brain’s working again.

Kind of getting the hang of this site now, but I used Worldpress several years ago and I must say it was much, much more user-friendly back then. But I digress.

Why Report Your Therapist?

Good question as most likely already been harmed, (presuming why you are here at this point), reporting will not undue the damage already done. And reporting out of spite or vindictiveness are not healthy reasons.

Also, it can be time consuming, and troublesome for some of us as we now are expected to share some of our private thoughts, fears, and feelings with an anonymous government board, possibly causing more exposure to our trauma then we might be comfortable with. If this is you then you might not want to file the complaint, or maybe wait a little while to see what decision your heart and mind settle on.

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Site Purpose

For starters I was very recently traumatized by my therapist, the very person I trusted to help me. But although I will tell my story, this site will not be about my experience alone.

When searching the internet regarding abusive therapists and bad terminations I found there is very little information published on these issues. Most articles tend to support the therapists and dismiss the complaints of the people hurt. I’m going to try to address that here and provide information and links to each state’s licensing board so we can contact them and report when we have been abused or neglected, or abandoned by our therapists.

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